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Luca SpizzichinoLuca Spizzichino6 Febbraio 2023

  In recent years, one of the emerging figures on the entire Israeli political scene has undoubtedly been Sharren Haskel, a member of the Knesset since 2015, she was elected in the last elections in the ranks of the party HaMaḥane HaMamlakhti, which is part of the Opposition. Born in Toronto in 1984, Sharren Haskel […]

Redazione HaTikwaRedazione HaTikwa1 Febbraio 2023

by Joshua Bonfante, UGEI Vice President   New year, new projects, and who would have expected that the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) would be suing Twitter! Full details have yet to be disclosed as we patiently wait for the social media company to accept the lawsuit, but this is already in the history […]

Luca SpizzichinoLuca Spizzichino31 Gennaio 2023

  “Since the very beginning I firmly believed that I had a lot to give to Jewish students around the world”, says Jonathan Braun, President of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS), speaking on what prompted him to apply for one of the most coveted positions in young Jewish activism. The World Union of […]

Redazione HaTikwaRedazione HaTikwa9 Dicembre 2022

di Giulia Limentani On Wednesday 7th december 2022, the Diplomatic Salon on the European Union’s Strategy on Combating Antisemitism and Fostering Jewish Life was held in Israel, Herzlya home of the EU Ambassador, Dimiter Tzantchev. Redazione HaTikwaOrgano ufficiale di stampa dell’Unione Giovani Ebrei d’Italia. Fondato nel 1949, dal 2010 è una testata online e inserto […]

Redazione HaTikwaRedazione HaTikwa24 Ottobre 2022

UGEI – Unione Giovani Ebrei d’Italia (Italian Union of Jewish Students and Young Professionals), UCRI – Unione Comunità Romanès in Italia (Italian Union of Roma Communities), SARAS Department of the Sapienza University of Rome and Association “Arte in Memoria” (Art in Remembrance) announced an important collaboration, aimed at the realization of a unique project, sponsored […]


L’Unione Giovani Ebrei d’Italia coordina ed unisce le associazioni giovanili ebraiche ed i giovani ebrei che ad essa aderiscono.



Organo ufficiale di stampa dell’UGEI è HaTikwa, giornale aperto al libero confronto delle idee nel rispetto di tutte le opinioni.